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How can pet owners support the Dog Federation of Wisconsin and our vital mission? Get involved! Join DFOW, Donate to the cause, and become a Sponsor. The future of animal ownership depends on all of us becoming involved... now!

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Did you know?

  • Our main expenses include: public service materials, our lobbyist, state fees for lobbying and membership education programs.
  • National registries such as the AKC and UKC rely on US to inform THEM of upcoming legislative proposals - not the other way around. The DFOW relies on YOU.
  • Many of the local proposed ordinances are modeled after legislation drafted by Animal Rights organizations.

President's note:
If YOU are not actively monitoring your community and county legislative proposals, then we'd like to know...
WHO is?

Join us!

We have different options for joining the Dog Federation of Wisconsin:

  • Individual Membership
  • Club or Organization Membership - for Kennel Clubs, Specialty Clubs, Obedience Clubs, Humane Societies and independent dog fancier organizations, which support the objectives of the Federation. (see below for other organizations)

Club dues are pro-rated depending on the size of your membership.

  • 25 and fewer members: $40.00
  • between 26 and 50 members: $50.00
  • between 51 and 99 members: $75.00
  • 100+ members: $100.00

Join or Renew Your Membership Today!

We welcome and encourage professional, commercial and educational organizations to join us. We look forward to working with you soon!

It will take ALL of us working together to preserve animal ownership.

Donate to DFOW

Now you can donate funds without leaving the comfort of your own chair!

Our PayPal "Make a Donation" link accepts credit cards and checking account payments securely, conveniently, and in whatever amount you choose. Help us work to fulfill our important mission by donating what you can... today! Together, we can ensure dog ownership will remain legal in the state of Wisconsin.

Become a Sponsor

Support the work of the Dog Federation of Wisconsin by becoming a Sponsor.

Business owners who are interested in preserving the rights of dog owners in Wisconsin are urged and invited to purchase a Sponsorship. As a token of our appreciation for our Sponsors, a banner advertisement for each DFOW Sponsorship will appear on the pages of our website with a complimentary link to your company's web presence.

For further details and to establish your DFOW Sponsorship, contact us at:

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