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  • 2019 Assembly Bill 29, currently in the Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry Committee, seeks to outlaw the organizing, sponsoring, providing a venue, and participating in field trials, hunt tests, and other hunting contests. Introduced by Representatives C. Taylor, Doyle, Stubbs, Pope, Subeck, Sargent, and Sinicki. Cosponsored by Senators Risser, Hansen, and Carpenter. 2/19 added coauthor Senator Larson. See also 2019 Senate Bill 30.
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    June 23, 2017
    Contact: Tom Evenson, (608) 266-2839

    Governor Walker Signs Legislation to Change Procedure for Law Enforcement Dogs

    GREEN BAY – Governor Scott Walker signed Assembly Bill 58 into law today at the Green Bay Police Department. The bill changes procedures for law enforcement dogs if they bite a person.

    Assembly Bill 58 – changes the requirements for law enforcement dogs that have bitten a person. Under current law, if a dog has bitten a person, they must be quarantined unless they bit the person while performing law enforcement duties and are immunized against rabies. It must be confined while not performing law enforcement functions until it can be examined by a veterinarian on three separate occasions. This bill eliminates the requirements that a law enforcement dog that has bitten a person be examined by a veterinarian and that the dog be confined. It also requires the law enforcement agency to make the dog available for examination at any reasonable time and, if the dog exhibits abnormal behavior, to notify the local health department. Authored by Representative Andre Jacques (R – De Pere) and Senator Robert Cowles (R – Green Bay). It is Act 23.

    “This is a common-sense change that saves the state time and money,” Governor Walker said. “In fact, 19 other states already have a similar exemption on the books. Law enforcement dogs are highly trained and their handlers know them well enough to know if there are changes in their health or behavior.”



  • 1/6/2016 - The Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety has scheduled a public hearing for AB-487 on January 13 in Room 300NE. Additional details will be forthcoming.


  • 9/23/2015 - Wisconsin AB-127 relating to possession of dogs by certain felony offenders and providing a criminal penalty. Introduced on March 27, 2015, by Representatives Jacque, Steffen, Sinicki, Spiros, Subeck, Murphy, Wachs and A. Ott; co-sponsored by Senators Hansen and Carpenter. Read and referred to Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.
  • 9/23/2015 - SB-230 relating to providing an exemption from civil liability for forcibly entering a vehicle under certain circumstances. Introduced on 8/11/2015 by Senators Wirch, Lassa and Olsen; Senator Wanggaard added as co-cuthor on 9/16/2015. Referred to Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety; passed and available for scheduling.
  • 9/23/2015 - AB-141 relating to including orders pertaining to household pets in certain restraining orders and injunctions. Introduced on 3/27/2015 by Representatives Jacque, Berceau, Ballweg, Allen, Sinicki, Steffen, Shankland, A. Ott, Zepnick, T. Larson, Spreitzer, Subeck, C. Taylor, Johnson, Hintz and Ohnstad. Referred to Committee on Judiciary; PASSED; referred to Committee on Rules.
  • 9/23/2015 - SB-241 relating to possession of certain wild animals and providing a penalty. Introduced by Senators Wanggaard, Risser, Miller, Lassa and C. Larson. Referred to Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.


  • 5/10/2012 - USDA Proposes to Close Loophole on Retail Pet Sales: APHIS Stakeholders Teleconference Call
  • 2/21/2012 - AB-593 was introduced by Representative Milroy on February 20, 2012 Bill History: AB-593. Relating to: crimes against animals. AB-593 was referred to committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections in the Assembly.


  • 11/14/2011 - A very important second letter from Kessler & Greer Law Office with specifics on how DATCP considers anyone selling any dogs to be a "business" and under their jurisdiction to inspect.
  • 11/4/2011 - DATCP may overstep bounds of 2010 Act 90's original intent by their interpretation they CAN inspect breeders under the "25 dog limit". See Kessler & Greer Law Office letter.
  • 3/18/2011 - final rules sent to legislature
  • 1/18/2011 - DATCP has released their final version of the breeders draft rules for Act 90. There are still many points within the rules that will be hard, if not impossible, for in-home breeders to follow. There are also sections of the rules that are not covered by WI Act 90. Please review the documents and contact your legislators, asking them not to approve or support the rules.




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